Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Play the waiting game

Try to relax

Enjoy the music



Just Dream

Someday Dreams Will Be True

geri halliwell - calling


Diyaa' said...

well..romantic song
she got very strong voice
but i wont ever watch the clip again
lol she is just another cocotte so i prefer not to watch..
the song as a piece of art is good
wont talk abt morals anyway :D
i dont admit the valentine day specially when ppl overdo celebrating it..but i still can wish u a happy valentine..as a symbol of such beautiful feelings

محمد العدوي said...

أنا بس عاوز أبدي اعجابي الشديد بقالب المدونة .... لايق عليها قوي

dandana said...

the waiting game
some times it is so hard to do

Anonymous said...

فعلا مدونة اكتر من رائعة

انا باحيي كل اللي اشتركوا فيها

Anonymous said...

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Music Lovers said...

شكرا على كلماتك الرقيقة

arab girlscool said...

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